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Impington Village College

FGB Minutes 24-10-15


Monday 24 November 2015 at 6.00 pm in the Library

Present: David Jenkins (Vice Chairman), Rob Campbell (Principal), Jayne Green, Jake Reynolds, Brian Harrison, Elizabeth Sadler, Alan Rodger, Rachel Pegg, Simon Guest, Julian Mellor, Suzy Offord, Karen Momber, Claire Beressi Jones, Huw Jones and Valerie Hastings.

In Attendance: Fran Difranco (Director of Finance & Resources [DFR]), Ryan Kelsall (Vice Principal Teaching & Learning [VPTL]), Simon Warburton (Vice Principal Progress & Achievement [VPPA]) Victoria Hearn (Assistant Principal Humanities and Pupil Premium) and Joe Greenway (Clerk).

1    Apologies

Apologies were received from Martin Rigby (Chairman), and Stephanie Norris.

Declaration of Business Interests


2    Minutes of the Meeting held on 22 September 2015

The minutes of the meeting held on 22 June 2015 were agreed and signed as a correct record. 

8a.  Pupil Premium Report

       The VPPA referred governors to the paper written at the short notice request of SG that was issued yesterday.

       Governors thanked the VPPA for his swift work and noted the Pupil Premium Overview report. 

       The APHPP then made a presentation on Pupil Premium at IVC asking governors to note the following key points:

  • 17% of students are eligible for Pupil Premium 60% of whom come from North Cambridge
  • 29% of PP students have special needs and significant numbers of PP students are involved in Child Protection planning
  • Persistent PP absentees have reduced by 50% over last year
  • 3 students excluded so far this year, all PP last year 6 students excluded, with 4 being PP.

Positive aspects of PP activities are:

  • a consistent focus on developing high quality teaching
  • adopting a ‘PP first’ approach
  • developing robust systems for collecting and monitoring data, followed by clear action plans in every faculty, to track PP students and put in place interventions where needed
  • PP students in current Y11 having a positive Progress8
  • the Pupil Premium Pledge, shared with parents and students.

Aspects where the need for improvement has been identified include:

  • not acting rapidly enough to tackle the ‘gap’ with Year 11 in 2014/15
  • inconsistent provision and co-ordination across subject areas; there was too much variation
  • weak pastoral leadership of the Y11 cohort
  • intervening too late with the Year 11 students to make a significant difference; the approach now, working with students from their transition should mean that the gap is closing across all year groups.

Actions to address the above include:

  • continued focus on high quality teaching and feedback
  • use of data to track progress and inform intervention planning/evaluation and introduction of a Raising Achievement Panel to target the most vulnerable students
  • timetabled Booster Programmes for Years 7-10 and tailored timetables for each Year 11 PP student, including 1:1 support where students are severely behind
  • refreshing the Y6 transition programme for 2016 to ensure that the College works closely with students and their families to:
    • Improve the sharing of data and information
    • Develop a positive relationship with students and their families.
  • having high quality pastoral care through the House and Vertical Tutoring system with a 1:9 ratio
  • a new attendance strategy that deals with all attendance issues in-house
  • being focused on the whole child.

The APHPP reported that the College’s PP provision had recently been externally reviewed with the outcomes being that:

  • Staff are clear on the direction and PP agenda.
  • The systems in place have been praised, including Vertical Tutoring, which has ‘transformed’ the experience of students.
  • The need to continue to focus on ensuring teaching is consistently enabling students to make progress.
  • As a College the training needs of staff need to be mapped carefully, to strengthen and empower middle leadership to drive the next phase of PP development.

The APHPP concluded by informing governors that following the mock exam results in December 2015 data analysis packs showing student progress over time and effectiveness of intervention will be provided with increasing frequency to staff and managers with summary data being supplied to governors.  The aim is that from September 2016 live progress data will be available to parents via Moodle with monthly summary ‘achievement accounts’ for managers and governors (similar to the monthly financial management accounts).

The Vice Chairman thanked the APHPP for her presentation and invited comments.  Governors welcomed the development of consistent data reports in place of the current ‘hotch-potch’ arrangements.  The need for cohort sizes as well as percentages was emphasised and governors requested data sets for SEN and PP students as well as whole cohorts.  Governors were clear that their role is to ensure that CET focus on improving PP performance and the Principal confirmed that this was the single most important priority for the College.  Governors also advised that the College needs to consider national benchmarks and the performance of local schools, to access research within the sector, to use data in an experimental way and to question whether the challenge is more teaching or different teaching.  Governors also requested that educational acronyms come with explanations, for example, Progress8.

Governors asked about the merits of setting an extra mock for PP students in January and the outcomes of parent prosecutions for non attendance of students.  The APHPP reported that extra mocks are taken by all students who fall behind and that 7 prosecutions have taken place.  Governors requested to be informed whether a prosecution leads to an improvement in student performance or not.

The Vice Chairman repeated his thanks for the work done by the APHPP and VPPA, and noted that this topic would be a key agenda item in Learning Committee meetings for the rest of the academic year.

Governors noted the Pupil Premium Presentation.

The APHPP left the meeting at 6.45pm

3    Matters arising from the Minutes of the Meeting held on 22 September 2015

  1. Action: Claire Beressi Jones to review the merits of procuring an independent audit of College safeguarding procedures and to produce recommendations for a future FGB.

CBJ advised that she had made no progress on this matter as she was waiting to see whether she would be re-elected as a parent governor in the election that is currently underway.

  1. Actions: Executive Committee and Learning Committee to review the Terms of Reference of the Learning Committee for appropriateness particularly following the change in the FGB committee structure and to make recommendations to a future FGB.

The Chair of the Learning Committee advised that no changes were proposed to the current Terms of Reference of the Committee and that future changes depend on the governance structure of any future MAT of which the College may be part of.

  1. Actions: Executive Committee to review the merits of establishing an Internal Audit Committee of the FGB and to make recommendations to a future FGB.

The Vice Chairman reported that this is still a matter of discussion at the Executive Committee.

  1. Actions: All Governors and Senior Managers to complete a Pecuniary Interest form for 2015-16 as soon as reasonably practicable and to return the same to the Clerk.

The Clerk reported that he had received completed Pecuniary Interest forms from all governors and senior managers.

e.    Actions: Learning Committee to complete the amendments to the arrangements for link Governors at the October 2015 meeting and to circulate the conclusions to all Governors as soon as reasonably practicable thereafter.

Agenda item of current meeting.

f.     Action:  Principal to produce a report on the Vertical Tutoring system for the November meeting of the FGB.

The Principal advised that this report would be written for the March 2016 meeting of the FGB.

4    Financial Statements 2014-15

The DFR referred Governors to the minutes of the Executive Committee of 3 November 2015, which gave a clear account of the financial position of the College at 31 August 2015.  He reported that the External Auditors advised that the Academy was:

  • in reasonably good financial health (much better than many other academies), and
  • in a position for the auditors to present an unqualified audit report,

and that the College had only minor issues to address from the Management Report.  The key issue was that staff costs were increasing and the level of funding was decreasing such that the College was ‘eating in’ to its reserves and that if this trend continued the reserves would be exhausted after 3 years.  The Vice Chairman advised that the Executive Committee will be debating a Financial Strategy to address this in the New Year.  

There were no comments or questions.

The Vice-Chairman then sought a proposer for the following resolution:

That the Financial Statements for the year-end 31 August 2015 are approved.

The resolution proposed by Brian Harrison and was seconded by Huw Jones.

Decision: The resolution to approve the Financial Statements for the year-end 31 August 2015 was approved nem con.

The VPPA left the meeting at 6.55pm

5     Developing the Impington Trust

       See confidential minutes.

6     Governor Link Visits

       The Principal, VPPA and VPTL returned to the meeting at 7.45 pm.

Elizabeth Sadler, in her role as the governor facilitating the working party considering Governor Link visits, referred governors to the papers thanking them for the feedback received and advising that these were now the final set and that the process described therein needs to be actioned by them all with effect from 1 December 2015.

The Clerk advised that he had included a copy of a recent governor link visit report made by Jake Reynolds and Martin Rigby as an exemplar to governors and requested that a copy of all reports be forwarded to him upon completion.

There were no comments or questions.

Decision: Governors approved the Governor and Senior Leadership Team Links process. nem con.

7     Minutes of Committees

Governors received and noted the minutes of the Executive Committee of 8 October 2015 and 3 November 2015 and the Learning Committee of 20 October 2015.  The Vice-Chairman advised that the minutes of Executive Committee meetings should be kept confidential to Governors.

The Chair of the Learning Committee asked the Clerk to circulate the current membership of the Learning Committee to Governors inviting those governors who are not formally members of the committee to become so if they wish.

Action: Clerk to circulate the current membership of the Learning Committee to all governors as soon as reasonable practicable.

8    Principal’s Report

      Jake Reynolds left during this item at 8.00pm

The Principal referred governors to his paper expressing the view that College Self Evaluation, Development Plans and Vertical Tutoring need to be debated by governors more thoroughly than time allows at an FGB meeting.  He asked governors to consider whether additional meetings of the Learning Committee should be arranged to do this and in particular focus on the 11-16 ‘main school’ and the sixth form.  It was suggested that Adult & Community Learning should fall under the purview of the Executive Committee.  Governors agreed and asked the Clerk to arrange two more meetings of the Learning Committee this academic year.

Action:  Clerk to arrange two more meetings of the Learning Committee during 2015-16 in say January and May 2016.

       A governor asked how the College was managing the introduction of the topic of ‘British Values’.  The Principal replied that he had designated a member of staff to be responsible for this and that the College’s version of the British Values statements would be published on its website by the end of the week.

       Governors noted the Principal’s report.

9.    Policies

       The Principal reported that he had reviewed current College policies and advised that there is now a degree of choice about which policies must be approved by governing bodies.  He referred governors to his paper which gave the policy owner, when the policy should be reviewed and who out of Principal, Governor Committee or FGB should formally approve the policy.  He also advised that some policies could lapse as they fall within other policies.

       Governors commented that those policies that fall within their purview need to be on agendas of meetings accordingly.

Action:  Clerk to ensure relevant policies are agenda items at Governor meetings using the Review of Policies document as a guide.

       There were no other comments or questions.

       Governors noted the Principal’s report on College Policies.

10.  Calendar of Governor Meetings 2015-16

       Governors noted the Calendar of Meetings.

11.  AoB​​​​​​

The meeting closed at 8.10 pm.