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Impington Village College

LGB Minutes 05-06-18

Tuesday 5 June  2018 at 6.00 pm in the library


Present: Karen Momber (Chairman), Rachel Carrington, Elizabeth Sadler, Chris Savage, Cory Pulman-Jones, Steve Blatch, Kate Brierton, Laura Pearce and Ryan Kelsall (Principal)

In Attendance: Alan Rodger (Trustee), Victoria Stubbs (Trustee), Rob Campbell (MET CEO), Victoria Hearn (Vice Principal), Simon Warburton (Assistant Principal) and Joe Greenway (Clerk). 

1.    Workshop Activity – Well-being and Survey Analysis

SW made a PowerPoint presentation to governors on Mental Health and Well-being.  This is appended to and forms part of the Minutes.  Governors undertook a group activity covering aspects of the staff and student surveys and fed back the outcomes of their discussions to the meeting.  SW introduced the Carnegie Mental Health Award which the college is considering and asked governors to feedback any comments to him as necessary.                                Action: All

SW drew governors’ attention to the slide on Leadership and Strategy and requested governor assistance in moving this matter forward, possibly a group of up to 4 governors to have a conversation with SW before the end of the summer term.  KM, KB, CBJ and CS agreed to meet with SW before the end of term and to report back at the July or September LGB.

Action: KM, KB, CBJ, CS, SW

Governors complimented SW and staff on work done in the field of well-being this year and look forward to further reports on its impact and effectiveness during next year.

2.   Learning Visit Report - Science

Ms Rachel Carrington, Staff Governor and Lead Practitioner Sciences, made a presentation to governors based on the outcomes of the recent Learning Visit which is appended to and forms part of these minutes.  Key outcomes include the conclusions that the department shows:

  • Leaders have a very clear vision for the faculty
  • Leaders have successfully developed a collaborative and supportive environment
  • Leaders know the faculty well and have identified the next steps and areas for development
  • Use of a variety of teaching methods
  • Outstanding quality of assessment
  • High expectations across all teachers and key stages ensuring that the progress of students is excellent
  • Outstanding KS4 outcomes in 2016 and 2017 across all measures
  • Much improved KS5 outcomes in 2017 across all IB components
  • A relentless focus on preparing for the new specification ensuring that staff (and students) have an excellent knowledge of the examination requirements

Areas for improvement include:

  • Needing to continue to embed the application of knowledge into lessons and assessment
  • Continuing to support collaboration within the faculty and the sharing of good practice
  • Continuing to embed the use of application in assessed tasks
  • Continuing to ensure behavior management strategies are a focus for professional learning
  • Continuing to embed approaches to the new GCSE specifications
  • Continuing to ensure KS5 outcomes improve
  • Continuing to embed new schemes of learning at KS3

The LGB were particularly impressed with the 5-year Mastery Science plan and the way that subject specialists help teachers in other science disciplines with writing units of work and blending topics.  The Chairman thanked Ms Carrington and the staff for their work and the presentation made at the meeting.

Governors noted the Sciences Learning Visit presentation.

     Cory Pulman-Jones arrived during this item at 6.40pm.

3.   Apologies and Declarations of Interests

Apologies were received from Ana Burman and Claire Beressi Jones.

There were no declarations of interest.

The Chairman welcomed Laura Pearce, Support Staff Governor, and Victoria Stubbs, MET Link Trustee to the IVC LGB to their first LGB meetings.

4.   Minutes of the meeting of 20 March 2018 and Matters arising

The minutes of the meeting held on 20 March 2018 were agreed and signed as a correct record. 

  • Epraise

RK advised that there was no information to share as yet and that the Epraise process will be relaunched in September 2018.        Action: RK

  • Link Governor visit reports

The Chairman reminded governors that their records of linked visits must be uploaded to the appropriate Droboxes, either by themselves or forwarded to the Clerk for his action.                              Action: All

5.   Standing Reports

The Chairman thanked governors for their prompter provision of questions regarding the standing reports this meeting.

  1. Principal’s report

Governors asked the Principal to comment on student forecasts, staffing and student recruitment, wellbeing and student leadership.

  • Student forecasts

The Principal reported that the forecasts for the BTEC qualifications are very strong but are less so for the small A level cohort where a number of students have significant personal issues that are adversely affecting their performance.  He reminded governors that the A level programme is ceasing once all current A levels students have completed.  GCSE Progress8 forecast is lower than that for 2017 as the current cohort is not as strong and some students are lazy and more challenging despite the best efforts of staff.  VH advised that the English department have been very conservative in their forecasting.  She is currently expecting a P8 score of between 0.4 and 0.6 and would be content with a score greater than 0.5.

  • Staffing Recruitment

RK reported that 7 staff will be leaving at the end of the summer term compared with 21 the previous year.  He advised that Teaching Assistants are recruited through an agency and are of high quality, often graduates.  There are no additional changes to the curriculum other than previously advised which include the introduction of photography and media to GCSE and BTEC course.

  • Student Recruitment

RK confirmed that IVC will over admit students in September 2018 effectively increasing the PAN to 240.  26 parental appeals to Cambs CC were granted allowing their children to attend IVC.  This increase in student numbers will have a cumulatively positive impact on the school’s budget over the next 2 to 3 years.

He confirmed that discussions are being held at Trust CEO and Chairman level to address any issues that other providers may have with this strategy, in essence to be assertive and positive as to why IVC is following this path.

  • Student Wellbeing

The governors expressed pleasure at the way this is moving forward and were particularly complimentary about the Student Executive (iSLT).

  1. Dashboard

VH made a brief report on the Data Dashboard.  She advised that because the mock results for Year 11 English were poor the department had been very cautious in their forecasting.  Regarding Year 10 Pupil Premium VH advised that there had been specific interventions in the form of an Easter School, and an extended day for student to work in school rather than at home where studying is a challenge.  She also reported that there had been a change in staffing the monitoring of student attendance which was now far more robust.

  1. Safeguarding Report

Governors had no queries to raise.

  1. MET Update to LGBs

Rob Campbell (MET CEO) referred governors to his report.  He confirmed that the MET strategy developed in 2016 is to acquire a school every year and that this has been fulfilled.  He also confirmed that overall the Trust is in a strong financial position and has a Trust Board approved 5-year financial plan to maintain this.  He then made a report on the Morris Teaching School Alliance (MTSA):

MTSA membership

·        5 Strategic school-based partners (2 secondary - IVC & WVC; 3 primary - Milton C of E, Rackham C of E & Waterbeach Community)

·        2 Strategic non-school partners (CASSA and Fenland TSA)

·        Currently working with 13 schools, with an additional 17 schools pending successful funding applications.


A through-career portfolio of CPD courses has been developed in partnership with the 4 other TSAs from The Nucleus Network.  It includes:

·        Wider workforce (admin staff)

·        TAs

·        HLTAs

·        NQT

·        RQT

·        Growing Leaders

·        Middle Leaders

·        Towards Senior Leadership

·        Preparing for Headship

·        Coaching for Heads

The CPD courses will be delivered by System or Senior Leaders from across the Network.

The courses will run in a range of venues spread across the geographical reach of the Network and help to bring high quality training to areas of East Cambs and Fenland that have up till now been in somewhat of a CPD cold spot. 

Outlines of the individual CPD courses will shortly be available on the MTSA websites (

Lead Schools from each of the 5 TSAs that form The Nucleus Network have committed to directing their staff onto Nucleus CPD programmes.

In addition to CPD being delivered through The Nucleus Network, MTSA is also developing its own programmes to respond to specific strategic needs identified by school clusters MTSA works with.  One of the first programmes begins in June and is working with 12 schools to develop their understanding of age related expectations through using Comparative Judgement as an assessment tool.

Finally, MTSA continues to seek out opportunities that will raise the profile of IVC as its lead school.  MET recently found out that it was successful in a bid for IVC to become involved in a pilot programme, run by Sport England, that will provide specialist teacher training to PE staff on engaging hard to reach students in sport.

The Chairman thanked the staff for their comprehensive responses.

Governors noted the Standing Reports and the responses to their queries.

6.    Link Governor Report Safeguarding

Governors agreed to postpone consideration of the link reports on safeguarding to their July 2018 meeting and instead agreed to take reports on visits to Foundation Subjects and Modern Foreign Languages and the Sixth Form. 

Cory Pulman Jones made a report of her positive visit to the MFL department and advised that she would be forwarding her report to the Clerk for uploading to the Dropbox.  There were no issues of concern to raise.            Action: CPJ and Clerk

Chris Savage advised that he had made a visit to the Sixth Form where he had been made very welcome, had met some students and had a tour of the facilities.  RK advised that an evaluation of the IB programme by the IB Awarding Body is due to take place in April 2019 and that there needs to be governor involvement.  Chris Savage agreed to participate providing he is given a comprehensive briefing.                                                                                       Action: CS and RK

The Chairman took the opportunity to remind governors that all visits to college under the link scheme need to have a written outcome and that these must be uploaded to the appropriate files in the Dropbox.  She stated that the Governor toolkit (also in the Dropbox) gives the forms to use.  She also commended an NGA online course on governor visits to schools.  Finally. she requested that all first and second link visits be undertaken and documented by the next LGB and that governors need to coordinate their visits with the Vice Principal.

Action: All Governors

7.    Governor Responsibilities

Governors expressed concern whether they were effectively fulfilling their responsibilities and asked that they be taken through the Scheme of Delegation to ensure they are made fully aware of their obligations.  Thy were particularly keen to ensure they fulfilled their roles in training, link governance and acting as a critical friend to the college.                                                             Action: RK

8.    GDPR

The Clerk reminded governors that they all need to complete the online training that the college provides on the GDPR.  He advised that the college has a record of which individuals have or have not completed the training and strongly advised that the training is undertaken before the end of the summer term otherwise it may be ‘forgotten’.                                                          Action: All

9.    Governor Training

The Chairman reminded governors of a Cluster Meeting that is due to take place soon.

Action: All governors

10   Calendar of Meetings 2018-19

RK advised that he will discuss the proposed calendar of meetings with the SLT and Chair and return with a confirmed calendar at the July meeting.

Action: RK & KM

11   AoB

  1. ‘Meet your Trustee’ Meetings

The Clerk reminded governors that Meet your Trustee’ meetings for local stakeholders were being held by MET Trustees at both IVC and WVC and that the IVC meeting is on Monday 11 June at 7.00pm.  Governors are invited.

The meeting closed at 8.07 pm.