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Impington Village College

LGB Minutes 20-03-18

Tuesday 20 March 2018 at 6.00 pm in the library


Present: Karen Momber (Chairman), Rachel Carrington, Ana Burman, Chris Savage, Cory Pulman-Jones, Steve Blatch, Kate Brierton and Ryan Kelsall (Principal)

In Attendance: Alan Rodger (Trustee), Victoria Hearn (Vice Principal) and Joe Greenway (Clerk).  Anna Marcus-Parker, Lead Practitioner Languages and Lead Teachers Christine Incles and Sylvia Holland were also in attendance to deliver agenda item 2.

1.    Workshop Activity – Homework

VH made a Power-point presentation to governors on the plan for Home Learning (homework) at IVC to be implemented from September 2018.  This is appended to and forms part of the Minutes.  A Curriculum Overview chart for Year 9 Strand 2 EPS and the home learning for that strand were also shared and discussed.

Governors asked about the amount of home learning planned for Year 7, how often is reading checked, the potential impact of the curriculum overviews on staff and student work load and the outcomes anticipated by the change in approach. Staff responded by advising that, in Year 7, one task for each of Maths and English lasting about 20 minutes is set 5 times a week, that reading is checked in reading lessons once a fortnight and that student journals are regularly reviewed.  Managers were of the opinion that the revised overviews and home learning are unlikely to increase workload and will facilitate those teams that are lagging.  The overviews are sufficiently flexible to allow staff to adjust their teaching to fit evolving group discussions.  The new arrangements will assist in the tracking of under-performing students and in assessing the percentages of students who are on target, but this will only be fully possible once the new arrangements are embedded.  The college also hopes that the new arrangements will have positive effects on student and staff well-being and the perception of the college, particularly of parents.

Governors complimented that staff on the new initiative for home learning and look forward to reports on its impact and effectiveness during next year.

Ana Burman arrived during this item at 6.10pm.

2.   Learning visit Report - Languages

Ms Anna Marcus-Parker, Lead Practitioner Languages, Sylvia Holland and Christine Ingles made a presentation to governors based on the outcomes of the recent Learning Visit which is appended to and forms part of these minutes.  Key outcomes include the conclusions that the department shows:

  • Leaders who continue to have incredibly high expectations of what pupils can achieve
  • Leaders who have established a clear programme of professional learning to support staff in improving their practice
  • Leaders who provide excellent support to colleagues and have developed a fantastic working atmosphere both collectively and in language teams
  • Careful planning of lessons and very effective differentiation
  • Individual feedback to students, both verbal and written, providing clear direction and allowing excellent progress
  • High expectations across all teachers and key stages ensuring that the behaviour of students is excellent
  • Outstanding KS4 outcomes in 2017 across all measures
  • Outstanding KS5 outcomes in 2017 across all IB components
  • A relentless focus on preparing for the new specification ensuring that staff (and students) have an excellent knowledge of the examination requirements

Areas for improvement include:

  • Leaders continuing to provide support and challenge for colleagues and ask for support (and resources) from senior leaders as required; the College Leadership Team is in full support of the priorities identified by the faculty leadership
  • Continuing to focus on the use of target language in lessons and the sharing of excellent practice around this
  • Continuing the focus on green pen responses from students, particularly in the sixth form
  • Continuing to embed approaches to the new GCSE specifications and utilise the expertise of colleagues within the faculty
  • Continuing to support KS5 colleagues in order to secure high KS5 outcomes

The LGB were very impressed with the work of the department.  The Chairman thanked Ms Marcus-Parker and the staff for their work and the presentation made at the meeting and wished Ms Marcus-Parker well in the future

Governors noted the Languages Learning Visit presentation.

     Cory Pulman-Jones arrived during this item at 6.55pm.

3.   Apologies and Declarations of Interests

Apologies were received from Elizabeth Sadler, Claire Beressi Jones and Rob Campbell (MET CEO).

There were no declarations of interest.

4.   Minutes of the meeting of 23 January 2018 and Matters arising

The minutes of the meeting held on 23 January 2018 were agreed and signed as a correct record. 

  • Student Questionnaire

RK advised that the questionnaire will be issued to Year 12 before the end of term and that a full analysis of responses will be given at the next LGB.  He also advised that Staff Questionnaires will be issued in May.         

Action: RK

5.   Governance Matters

The Chairman noted recent resignation of Suzy Offord, Support Staff Governor, and formally acknowledged the contributions made by Ms Offord to the role.

The Clerk advised that the recently held election for the vacancy of Support Staff Governor had resulted in no nominations being received.  He advised that he will run another election at the start of the summer term and requested that the Principal promote the vacancy.  The Chairman offered to review and amend the nomination letter.                                                                 Action: Clerk/KM/RK

6.   Standing Reports

  1. MET Update to LGBs

Alan Roger (MET Trustee) made a verbal report.  He stated that the recent LA review of WVC had resulted in a satisfactory outcome: they agreed with the analysis of the issues at the college identified by the acting Principal and confirmed that a good action plan was now in place and being delivered.  The key issues were to improve the quality of teaching and learning and student behaviour.  The new Principal would start on 25 June. 

At the recent AGM of the Trust the Members confirmed the appointment of a new Trustee, Victoria Stubbs.   Ms Stubbs has agreed to be the named Trustee with oversight of IVC.  Finally, AR reported that both schools within the Trust are overspending on staffing and that the Trustees are taking steps to rapidly address this.

  1. Principal’s report

Governors asked the Principal to comment on staffing and recruitment, the AAAG, well-being and the SEF.

  • Staffing and Recruitment

The Principal reported that 21 staff left in 2016-7 and that he is only aware of 6 staff leaving in 2017-18.  Levels of staff sickness and absence have substantially improved over the same period.  The Principal s not aware of any national data on teacher absence.  He confirmed that all staff who leave complete an exit survey and are offered an exit interview, although not all leavers take up that offer.

  • Academies At A Glance (AAAG)

VH reported that house managers identify and are charged with leading the motivation of students with poor behaviour and engagement.  She confirmed that the deputy heads of house will investigate the 2% decrease in those Year 7 Pupil Premium students not on target.  She advised that Pupil Premium students continue to be a challenge to fully engage and, to support this, the college is now making use of a member of staff who has recently returned from maternity leave on a part time basis to target these disadvantaged learners with support.  She confirmed that the targets for the current Year 10 have been made more challenging, hence the decline. 

  • Well-being

The Principal reported that a worker had been engaged to support students with exam stress and that training in mindfulness has been offered.  A ‘headspace’ app is available to targeted students.

  • SEF

The Principal shared various examples of the evidence used to make the judgements given in the SEF.  These included anonymised pupil premium case studies, EAL case study pro-forma, an example of a rapid improvement plan and a summary of survey responses with comparisons to local and national benchmarks.  Governors complimented the Principal on the documents shown and confirmed that they satisfactorily addressed the questions they had raised.  The Principal concluded by saying that he had no feedback to share of ‘Epraise’ as yet but that he hoped to be able to do this in due course.

  1. Dashboard

Covered in section b above.  Governors made no further comment.

  1. Safeguarding Report

Governors had no queries to raise.

The Chairman confirmed her intention to circulate governor questions to the senior team by the Monday morning before the LGB meeting.  Action: KM

Governors noted the Standing Reports and the responses to their queries.

7.    Link Governor Report Humanities and English

Steve Blatch advised that he had made a visit and that he would be uploading his report to the Dropbox in due course.  During his visit he met with VH, some lead Practitioners and undertook a climate walk.                                           Action: SB

Chis Savage advised that he had made a visit to the Sixth Form and would make his second visit next week.  Ana Burman reported that she had sat in a workshop

The Chairman took the opportunity to remind governors that all visits to college under the link scheme need to have a written outcome and that these must be uploaded to the appropriate files in the Dropbox.  She stated that the Governor toolkit (also in the Dropbox) gives the forms to use.  She also commended an NGA on-line course on governor visits to schools.  Finally. she requested that all first and second link visits be undertaken and documented by the next LGB and that governors need to coordinate their visits with the Vice Principal.

Action: All Governors

8.    SEF update 2018

The Principal referred governors to the updated Self Evaluation of the college for 2018 taking on board the comments reported under agenda item 6b.  Governors had no additional comments to make and noted the SEF.

9.    Link Governance

The Chairman referred governors to the updated governor links and calendar for 2017/18 and to her comments made under agenda item 7.

10.  Governor Training

The Chairman reported that the NGA conference in February had been postponed due to the inclement weather and that she would be attending a regional conference of governors to be held at Swavesey college in May.

She encouraged all governors to take the NGA on-line training course on ‘Safeguarding and the role of governors’ before the next LGB.

Action: All governors

11   AoB


The meeting closed at 7.50 pm.