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Impington Village College

LGB Minutes 23-01-18


Tuesday 23 January 2018 at 6.00 pm in the library


Present: Karen Momber (Chairman), Elizabeth Sadler, Rachel Carrington, Ana Burman, Steve Blatch, Kate Brierton, Ryan Kelsall (Principal) and Claire Beressi Jones.

In Attendance: Alan Rodger (Trustee), Victoria Hearn (Vice Principal) and Joe Greenway (Clerk).  Sian Mawditt, Lead Practitioner Maths was also in attendance to deliver agenda item 4.

1.    Workshop Activity – Curriculum

RK and VH led an activity involving governors undertaking individual and group work around selecting IB Diploma and IB Careers Programme options, followed by the selection of GCSE options that will be undertaken by the current Year 8 in a few weeks’ time.  RK gave feedback and, as a consequence governors noted:

  • The breadth of choice in the IB programmes, particularly since vocational options are included.
  • The increase in choices available at GCSE despite financial constraints.

2.   Link Governor report - Curriculum

KM advised governors that she was now taking on the governor link for curriculum following the recent resignation of Jake Reynolds.  She reported that Jake had met with VH last term and held discussions as to how the curriculum links with the MET Vision.  She confirmed that she would be exploring this further in her own meetings with VH.  VH reported that Ofsted were undertaking much research into curriculum relevancy and that they were due to report their findings later this term.  It would seem they are keen to explore ‘behind the data’.

Governors noted the report on the link visit.

Ana Burman arrived during this item at 6.27pm

3.   Curriculum 2018/19

       VH made a presentation on the college’s curriculum plans for 2018/19 which is appended to and forms part of these minutes.  She emphasised how the new curriculum links with the MET’s Mission, Vision and Values.  She confirmed that IVC is one of 68 IB World Schools in the UK and that IB theory will be central to all curriculum delivered in the college.

She then went on to explain the change to the KS4 curriculum which will commence in Year 9 rather than Year 10.  In addition to specific subjects core studies titled Approaches to Learning and Individuals and Societies will be taken by all students together with iCAS (Impington Creativity, Activity, Service) which will be delivered on Wednesday afternoons.  She was pleased to report that over 100 staff had offered to deliver an option in the iCAS programme which ranged from pottery, through to first aid and orienteering.  She also confirmed that the college will trial a new approach to homework.

Governors were very positive and excited by the proposals and commended their implementation and looked forward to feedback reports in due course.

4.    Learning Visit Report – Maths

Ms Sian Mawditt, Lead Practitioner Maths, made a presentation to governors based on the outcomes of the recent Learning Visit which is appended to and forms part of these minutes.  Key outcomes include the conclusion that the department has:

  • Good collaboration with external partners
  • Transformed its curriculum at each Key Stage
  • Collaborative approaches to developing teaching
  • Embedded use of formative feedback
  • A high level of student engagement and enthusiasm
  • Outstanding exam outcomes for students, both in terms of grades and progress.

Areas for improvement include:

  • Progress amongst Low Prior Attainers and disadvantaged students.
  • Outcomes at KS5 for students studying the Maths Standard level course (not including Maths Studies).
  • The creation of a clear procedure for parents to support their children at home, and for students to study independently to ensure baseline attainment measures increase in 2018 when compared to 2017.

Governors asked about the role of the Deputy Heads of House.  RK replied that they would now be focussing exclusively on the tracking of the progress of KS3 and KS4 students and in particular those in receipt of Pupil Premium funding.

The Chairman thanked the Ms Mawditt and the Faculty staff for their work and the presentation made at the meeting.

Governors noted the Maths Learning Visit presentation.

5.   Apologies and Declarations of Interests

Apologies were received from Chris Savage, Cory Pulman-Jones, Suzy Offord and Rob Campbell (MET CEO).

There were no declarations of interest.

The Chairman welcomed Kate Brierton her first meeting of the LGB in her new role.

6.   Minutes of the meeting of 21 November 2017 and Matters arising

The minutes of the meeting held on 21 November 2017 were agreed and signed as a correct record. 

  • Student Questionnaire

RK advised that questionnaire had been issued to Year 7, Year 10 and would be issued to Year 12 next week.  He confirmed that the analysis of the responses would be presented to the LGB in due course.                            Action: RK

  • Governor Toolkit

RK advise that no feedback had been received from governors and that the document was now available in the IVC LGB Dropbox. 

7.   Governance Matters

  • New Governors

The Chairman confirmed the resignation of Jake Reynolds (Trust Governor) from 31 December 2017 and welcomed Kate Brierton as replacement Trust Governor to her first meeting in this new role.

  • Conflicts of Interests 2017-18

The Clerk thanked those governors who had returned their completed Conflicts of Interests forms and advised that he would be reminding the one individual who had yet to make a return.                 Action: Clerk

  • Governor Profiles on Website

The Clerk thanked those governors who had submitted updated web-site profiles and reported that these should now have been uploaded to the College web-site.  He reminded those governors who had yet to make a return to do so as soon as reasonably practicable.

Action: Governors

  • Dropbox

The Clerk advised that he had now set up a Dropbox facility for the electronic storage and circulation of governors’ papers and other materials.  KM confirmed that she had successfully set this up on her own computer and was confident that all governors would be able to manage this too.  The Clerk confirmed that he would be inviting all governors to join the Dropbox arrangement well before the next meeting and to contact him if they had difficulties.                                                     Action: Clerk

RK asked the Clerk that his PA be included in the list of staff and governors with access to the Dropbox.                              Action: Clerk

8.   Standing Reports

  1. Principal’s report

Governors asked the Principal to comment on the use made of the English Department to share best practice, director appointment, forecasts, and staff well-being.

  • English visit report

Given the excellent report on the learning visit to the English faculty, is the English faculty able to share the ideas and practices that led to their success with the other faculties?  RK reported that one member of the English team is providing mentor and peer support to the History department and that another has taken on the responsibility for supporting gifted and talented students across the college.

  • Director appointments

RK confirmed the appointment of staff to two new roles: Director of Student Progress and Director of Student Experience.  He advised that the increased responsibilities given to Heads of House in the previous reorganisation was not working and the new arrangements were seeking to address this.  The Directors will also cover some of the responsibilities of VH when she is supporting other schools in the MET in her new role of Director of School Improvement.

  • Forecasts

The forecasts for Year 11 show significantly lower levels of progress estimated for the GCSE results this year (P8 0.15 c.f. P8 of 0.66 in 2017).  VH advised that this is likely to be due to staff being very conservative in their estimates of student performance. 

  • Well-being

Governors commended the well-being initiatives as well thought through and delivered, and that the college be congratulated for its pioneering role in this regard.  RK advised that little tracking to measure engagement is undertaken and that he would ask Simon Warburton to consider this.            Action RK

  1. Dashboard and LA review

Governors noted that 18.5% of PP students are defined as persistently absent and asked how does this compare to the national benchmark (for non-PP and PP students) and what measures does the college put in place to decrease this percentage?  VH commented that the PP absenteeism is in line with national benchmarks and has come down when compared with previous year’s figures.  She also advised that attendance is almost one percentage point above last year’s figures.

Governors then asked why, in German, 49% of Year 11 students seemed to be below target and what measures was the college putting in place to support these students?  VH advised that more experienced teachers were being ‘parachuted in’ to address these issues in this very small cohort.

Finally, governors noted the apparent lack of improvement in the performance of the History department.  VH confirmed that the SLT are aware that insufficient progress is being made in implementing the actions for improvement and advised that she herself will be taking up the teaching of a group and that a new member of staff will be starting after the February half term.  She also confirmed that the SLT will continue to closely monitor the performance of the department.

Governors were very pleased with the outcomes of the LA review (see agenda item 10).

  1. Safeguarding Report

Governors had no queries to raise.

  1. MET Update to LGBs

Governors raised queries about the appointment of a Financial Controller for the MET, the strategy for covering VH when she is not working at IVC and the relationship of the proposed Independent Sixth Form to the current Sixth Form. 

Alan Roger (MET Trustee) advised that Trustees had decided not to go ahead with the appointment of a Financial Controller at this time.  RK advised that IVC had matters in hand to cover the absence of VH on MET business and confirmed that the proposed International Sixth Form will be a separate legal entity from the current Sixth Form.

RK requested that the SLT receive the queries from governors on the Standing Reports earlier than at present to allow them to produce more comprehensive and timely answers.  The Chairman undertook to bring the submission of governor queries forward and asked governors to send her their queries more expeditiously to allow her to do this.  She stated that if the queries and responses are turned around more swiftly this will allow her to circulate the SLT responses before the meeting.                     Action: All Governors, Chairman & SLT

Governors noted the Standing Reports and the responses to their queries.

9.    ‘MyConcern’ Online Safeguarding

RK referred governors to his report on the ‘MyConcern’ CP Online System.

Governors noted the report.

10.  LA Review and Reflections

Governors commended the SLT, staff and students on the very positive LA Performance Review Report and noted and approved the college responses, particularly the need to increase their ‘visibility’ across the college.

11.  Link Governor Report

The Chairman encouraged governors to ensure that their ‘middle’ visits to their links in the college are substantial and meaningful.        Action: All Governors

12.  Governor Training

The Chairman confirmed that LGB members had divided themselves into two 'cluster' groups, to facilitate communication between the formal half-termly meetings.

The Chair and Vice-Chair each head a group and email their cluster about things such as link visits, training, etc.  Cluster members can contact the cluster lead with any concerns/queries.  There are also informal face-to-face meetings, which can be with individual cluster members or with as many of the cluster that can attend.

The Membership of the two groups is:

Cluster group 1: Karen Momber, Suzy Offord, Steve Blatch, Chris Savage and Kate Brierton.

Cluster group 2: Elizabeth Sadler, Claire Beressi Jones, Rachel Carrington, Cory Pulman-Jones and Ana Burman.

13   AoB

  1. IVC Performance

On behalf of the LGB the Chairman formally acknowledged and thanked the SLT, college staff and students for IVC achieving the position of being in the top 5% of secondary schools nationally in terms of examination performance.

  1. Information to Governors

Governors requested that they might receive information about proposals such as curriculum changes and staff restructuring at the same time as parents, if not before.

The meeting closed at 8.10 pm.