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Impington Village College

LGB Minutes 03-10-17


Tuesday 3 October 2017 at 6.00 pm in the library


Present: Karen Momber (Chairman), Brian Harrison, Elizabeth Sadler, Suzy Offord, Simon Guest, Ana Burman, Steve Blatch, Cory Pulman-Jones, Ryan Kelsall (Principal) and Claire Beressi Jones.

In Attendance: Rob Campbell (CEO of the MET) Kate Brierton (Trustee), Martin Rigby (Trustee), Alan Rodger (Trustee), Victoria Hearn (Vice Principal) and Joe Greenway (Clerk).  Mo Middleton, Lead Practitioner of the Humanities Subjects Department was also in attendance to deliver agenda item 5.

1    Apologies and Declarations of Interests

Apologies were received from Jake Reynolds and Rachel Carrington.

There were no declarations of interest.

2.   Minutes of the meeting of 20 June 2017 and Matters arising

The minutes of the meeting held on 20 June 2017 were agreed and signed as a correct record. 

  • Reorganisation of the senior team

KM advised that this would be raised under agenda item 6.

  • CASSA Event

RK advised that the event planned for 11 October has had to be cancelled as no individuals from other schools in the partnership planned to attend.  He confirmed that the time slot and sponsorship monies would be used by IVC staff as part of the launch of Mental Health Awareness week being held at IVC.  Governors were very welcome to attend the launch event on 11 October.

  • Progress8 Variances

KM confirmed that this would be discussed as part of the presentation made by VH.

  • House System

RK confirmed that the student questionnaires about the effectiveness of the house system had been written and that these would be issued after half term.  Governors expressed a desire to see the questionnaire.              ACTION: RK

  • ‘Flight Paths’

KM confirmed that this would be discussed as part of the presentation made by VH.

3.   Governance Matters

  • New Governors

The Chairman welcomed new Parent Governors: Steve Blatch, Ana Burman and Cory Pulman-Jones to their first meeting of the LGB.  RK was able to report that Rachel Carrington had today been elected as Teaching Staff Governor but was unfortunately unable to attend tonight’s meeting.

  • Chairman of LGB

The Clerk advised the LGB that the Scheme of Delegation requires them to propose a Chairman of the LGB to the CEO of the Trust on an annual basis.  The CEO then recommends the proposee to the Trust Board for approval.

Brian Harrison proposed Karen Momber.  This was seconded by Suzy Offord.  There were no other nominations.  The CEO confirmed that he would recommend Karen Momber’s appointment and the four Trustees in attendance approved the recommendation on behalf of the Trust Board.

The Chairman asked governors to refer to the Governor Activity document previously circulated and also reported that she would be issuing a governor audit document in due course.                            Action: KM

  • Election of Vice Chairman of the LGB

Elizabeth Sadler expressed her willingness to continue in the role of Vice Chairman of the LGB for 2017-18.  The Chairman enquired whether any other Governor wished to be considered for the role and there were no responses.

Elizabeth Sadler was elected Vice Chairman of the LGB for 2017-18 nem con.

  • Conflicts of Interests 2017-18

The Clerk thanked those governors who had returned their completed Conflicts of Interests form and advised that he would be reminding those individuals who had yet to make a return.                           Action: Clerk

  • Calendar of Meetings 2017-18

The Clerk referred governors to the most recent meetings calendar asking them to note the change of date of the workshop which has been brought forward to 18 October.

  • Governor Profiles on Website

The Clerk asked governors to review their profiles and photographs displayed in the governance section of the IVC web site to:

1 Check that their profile is published on the website.  If there is no profile to write one and email it to the Clerk for uploading.  If a governor is content with what is shown please advise the Clerk.

2. The College will use the photograph already displayed.  If there is no photo the one the College has on file, probably from the ID badge, will be used.  If there is no photo please arrange to visit IT so that it can be taken.                                                                                 Action: ALL

5.    Faculty Review – Humanities Subjects

The Chairman moved this item up the agenda to allow the member of staff presenting to leave earlier.

Mrs Mo Middleton from the Humanities Subjects Faculty made a PowerPoint presentation to Governors which is appended to and forms part of these minutes.  The subjects taught in the Humanities area are:

  • Business Studies
  • Ethics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Psychology

Governors were very positive about the quality of the presentation and the work of the Faculty.  They asked whether the newly introduced processes were effective in improving performance.  Mrs Middleton replied that it was too early to have robust evidence of effectiveness but that she was confident that this would be available in due course.

The Chairman thanked the Mrs Middleton and the Faculty staff for their work and the presentation made at the meeting.

Governors noted the Humanities Subjects Faculty Review.

4.   Standing Reports

      MET Report

KB (Link Trustee of the MET for IVC) made a PowerPoint presentation to Governors which is appended to and forms part of these minutes.  The presentation covered:

  • MET Governance Structure
  • MET Trustees
  • Core functions of governance
  • Communication between the LGB and Trust Board

She also referred governors to the MET update issued with the meeting papers.Governors asked about the strategies MET are employing to allow IVC help improve performance at WVC and what is the likely impact of this extra work on IVC, particularly on the workload of the senior staff.The CEO responded that, apart from himself, two (three?) senior staff from IVC are providing support to WVC in leadership, systems and processes.He reminded governors that IVC is a National Support School which obliges IVC to support schools that are in need always ensuring that all learners across the piece have positive experiences.The aim of the support is to bring about rapid improvement at WVC if possible and to remain focussed on keeping IVC at the top.

RK and VH confirmed that they were content with the additional expectations placed upon them.Governors expressed concern about the additional workload placed upon senior staff and asked them to ensure that governors are advised if they believe the workload is becoming too great.

Governors then asked about the surpluses generated by the IVC Sport Centre.The CEO confirmed that surpluses will be invested within the Trust for the benefit of all its students and that no Academy in the Trust will be detrimentally affected financially by Trust developments like MET Living.

The Chairman then stated that she assumed that all Governors had read the Principal’s Report and the reports on the Data Dashboard and Safeguarding and would thus not ask the writers to talk to their papers. 


Governors asked about Ofsted’s comment about bullying in the Safeguarding Report.  RK reported that the Parent Forum of 15 November will focus on the College’s approach to bullying, that surgeries are regularly held in school about the topic and that the recent survey of parents gave satisfaction ratings of between 93% and 96% in response to questions like ‘the college deals well with bullying’, ‘my child feels safe’, and ‘my child is happy’.  He also advised that the college has invested in training for the House Managers in dealing with bullying. 

Governors expressed satisfaction with these responses.


Governors expressed their delight at the overall performance of the College in the summer exams, thanked the staff for their efforts and asked VH to provide some contextual information about the specific measures as given below:

VH confirmed that the results of PP students were not as good as in previous years and that was due to the previous attainment of the 22 students concerned which was low; with a number of students being SEND.  She also advised that the Progress8 scoring methodology is biased towards more able students.  Whilst a score of 0.1 is disappointing the vast majority of schools will be getting negative Progress8 scores for their PP students.  Finally, she expressed greater optimism about the future performance of the 54 PP students in the current Year 11.

VH reported that this is not as much of an issue in comparison with national figures as was once feared although she would need to see the officially published data to be sure of this. 

VH confirmed that 2017 was the last cohort studying A level Media.  Students now take a BTEC course in Media Studies and are achieving much better.

Governors expressed much satisfaction with the data reports

Governors asked that the Principal’s report be expanded slightly to include information on PAN.

Governors noted the Standing Reports.

  1. Pupil Premium (PP)
  2. Boy/girl differences
  3. A level Media
  4. Principal’s Report

6.    Link Governor Report - Staffing

KM instructed Governors to get in touch with their staff links at the College as soon as reasonably practicable so as to commence the link relationship for 2017-18. 


CBJ referred governors to her paper on the Staff Exit Questionnaire and interview data for 2017. 

RK advised that senior and middle managers were taking a training course run by MIND on well-being to help them in their roles and that the staff absence rate had reduced significantly over the last 2 years, particularly the September absence rate.  Staff who have been absent on long term sickness have now left the College.  He confirmed that Teaching Assistants have the highest rate of absence of all categories of staff.

Governors noted the report of staff exit interviews and approved the recommendations given in the report.

7     Governor Training

KM commended the training events run by Cambridgeshire County Council for Governors and advised that some of the topics to be covered this term include vulnerable groups and health & safety.

8     Workshop Activity – Performance Review

VH made a Power-point presentation that covered the results in summer 2017, Flight paths and Progress8.  She reminded governors that in 2018 the majority of GCSE subjects will be graded using the 9 to 1 format as used in English and Maths in 2017.  Governors then undertook a workshop activity in small groups carrying out SWOT analyses on different aspects of the results.

VH advised that this work will be useful for the forthcoming Governor workshop on preparation for Ofsted.

9   AoB

  1. Brian Harrison

KM and RK commended Brian Harrison who was retiring from his role as a Trust Governor after tonight’s meeting having served the College for 28 years.

The meeting closed at 8.10 pm.