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Impington Village College

LBG Minutes 20-06-17


Tuesday 20 June 2017 at 6.00 pm in the library



Present: Karen Momber (Chairman), Brian Harrison, Elizabeth Sadler, Suzy Offord, Simon Guest, Ryan Kelsall (Principal) and Claire Beressi Jones.

In Attendance: Rob Campbell (CEO of the MET) and Joe Greenway (Clerk).  Susan Conroy, Jane Milne, Pippa Mugan and Arpana Shafi of the Foundation Subjects Department were also in attendance to deliver agenda item 4.

1.    Apologies and Declarations of Interests

Apologies were received from Valerie Hastings, Jake Reynolds, Kate Brierton (Trustee), Victoria Hearn (Vice Principal), Martin Rigby (Trustee) and Alan Rodger (Trustee).

There were no declarations of interest.

2.   Minutes of the meetings of 23 May 2017 and Matters arising

The minutes of the meeting held 23 May 2017 were agreed and signed as a correct record. 

  • Reorganisation of the senior team

RK confirmed that a work-load review of the SLT would be undertaken midway through the next academic year.

  • Sixth Form

RK confirmed that that he would be meeting with the CEO of the MET next week to continue discussion of the strategy for the Sixth Form.  He also referred governors to his report.

  • CASSA Event

The Chairman reported that she and ES had attended the recent CASSA event and had been impressed by the positive feedback given by staff.  She welcomed the fact that Parkside School wished to collaborate more with IVC in this area of work.  The next meeting is planned for October 2017 to which governors will be similarly invited.

  • Response rate to the Staff Survey

RK reported that the response of support staff had increased from 27% in 2016 to 36% in 2017.  This compared with 78% (52% in 2016) for teaching staff.  He advised that the survey outcomes had been presented to all staff and that the issue of staff ‘rewards’ had been highlighted and ideas for improvement sought.

  • Link Governor allocation

ES expressed concern that the number of college areas link governors were expected to oversee was possibly too great for them to do the job effectively.  The Chairman agreed with this and hoped that these duties would be spread more evenly following the election of more Parent Governors to the LGB.

3.   Standing Reports

      The Chairman stated that she assumed that all Governors had read the Principal’s Report and the reports on the Data Dashboard and Safeguarding and would thus not ask the writers to talk to their papers.  She asked for questions on any aspects of the papers that Governors wished to raise.  The following topics were identified:

  • Data: Progress8 variances, EAL, Tracking Leavers
  • House system
  • Staff Restructure and recruitment of new staff
  • Flight Paths


  1. Progress8 Variances

Governors expressed concern about the size of the difference in performance between males and females in English and Maths and, in particular, that it appears worse than national benchmarks.  RK advised that the introduction of the new syllabuses and grading arrangements in English and Maths this year has resulted in too many ‘unknowns’ for staff to be able to confidentially predict student performance with the consequence that they have been particularly pessimistic with their predictions.  He confirmed that the English department are undertaking a review of how curriculum delivery went this year and are also considering how to address the engagement of boys in the subject.  He also confirmed that a detailed analysis of the actual results would be undertaken with the results, outcomes of the analysis and consequent actions being reported to the LGB at their meetings in the autumn term.

Governors noted that 19% of the student cohort do not have English as their first language and ask RK to comment on the implications of this.  RK stated that:

He confirmed that EAL students are provided with support as required.

RK confirmed that the data on Leavers referred to the 2016 cohort.

House System

Governors asked whether there was any formal feedback from students on the perceptions of the House System which was now 2 years in being.RK advised that formal feedback was not yet available and that Simon Warburton and he were currently developing a student survey to get such data.It was the intention to run the survey during the next academic year.Governors asked the staff present at the meeting for their opinions which were overwhelmingly positive offering anecdotal comments along the lines of ‘the interaction between years is much better with positive relationships developing’ and ‘students are learning skills from their elders, for example, with revision.’RK advised that next year some sixth formers will be mentoring some Year 7 students and that the lead teachers of KS5 subjects will be the main tutors for students taking those subjects.

Staff restructure and recruitment of new staff

RK reported that following the consultation and the unforeseen resignations of some staff he had decided to stop the proposed restructure of support staff.  He confirmed that appointments to the role of Deputy Heads of House had been made.

Governors asked how the ethos of IVC is inculcated into newly appointed staff.  RK replied that this starts at interview where candidates have a tour of the college, teach a practice lesson and meet with a student panel.  Once appointed they are invited to the July training day and are given their timetable and set lists before the end of the summer term.  They also have the opportunity to meet with members of SLT, Faculties and Heads of House.

‘Flight Paths’

RK advised that ‘Flight Paths’ will be the topic of the workshop at the end of the next meeting of the LGB.

MET Report

RC (CEO of the MET) gave a verbal report covering the following topics:

RC was pleased to report that the MET, through IVC, had been successful in its application to become part of a Teaching Schools Alliance.  Other institutions involved are Milton junior school, Witchford, Cambridge Regional College and Parkside.  Additional funding will be made available to improve the quality of teaching and learning by the sharing of good practices through the Alliance.   He confirmed that IVC will continue to work with CASSA.

The first on-site meeting with the DFE had taken place which had been an initial scoping exercise to identify the preferred location for the proposed new school.

RC confirmed that 2 new trustees had been appointed to the MET Trust Board: Joanne Garner and Keith Thomson.  The appointees have substantial experience at a strategic level in finance and HR respectively.

RC confirmed that he will be meeting with the County Secretaries of the Teachers’ Unions to ensure that MET personnel policies are consistent across all institutions in the MET.He also advised that the Director of Finance proposes merging the Health & Safety Committee with the Joint Unions’ Committee as there is a substantial overlap of their work.

Governors asked about the current financial position of IVC.RC advised that IVC was going to declare a deficit at the end of 2016-17 but that the overall financial position of the MET was that of a surplus and that it is the latter that will be reported to the EFA.At its meeting of 12 July the Trust Board will approve the MET budget for 2017-18 which will similarly plan to declare a surplus.

RK confirmed that he will provide the LGB with an up to date financial report.Action: RK

Governors noted the Standing Reports.

4.    Faculty Review – Foundation Subjects

Four members of staff from the four areas that make up the Foundation Subjects Faculty made PowerPoint presentations to Governors which are appended to and form part of these minutes.  The four areas of work were:

Governors were very positive about the quality of the presentations and the work of the Faculty, particularly the Art display in the Prom.

The Chairman thanked the Foundation Subjects staff for their work and the presentations made at the meeting.

Governors noted the Foundation Subjects Faculty Review.

5.     Calendar of Meetings 2017-18

The Clerk presented the calendar of proposed dates of meetings of the LGB for 2017-18. 

Governors asked about the purpose of the Away Day mooted for November 2017.  RK advised that this would be a workshop dedicated to securing governors’ understanding of the performance data reviewed by Ofsted in their inspections and that the timing of the workshop, and of all the meetings in the year, was linked to the availability of key data for governors to scrutinise.

Governors noted the calendar of meetings for 2017-18.

6.    Link Governor Report      

       There was no link governor report made at the meeting.

7.     Governor Training – NGA online courses

This item was postponed due to the over running of the Faculty presentations.  The matter will be brought to a future meeting of the LGB.  Action: KM/RK

8.    Workshop Activity

This item was similarly postponed to a future meeting.                 Action: RK/KM

9.  AoB

The meeting closed at 8.05 pm.

  1. EAL
    • The numbers of EAL students are increasing.
    • IVC is the school of choice for parents of EAL students living in the area.
    • IVC actively encourages students to register for EAL and to take the GCSEs in their native languages.
  2. Leavers
    • Teaching Schools Alliance
    • The Cavendish School
    • New Trustees
    • MET Staff Policies
    • Arts and Media
    • Performance
    • Sport
    • Design and Technology
    1. Cambridge Evening News
      RK reported that KM and members of SLT will be attending an event held by the CEN on 18 July 2017 where the winner of the Cambridgeshire Secondary School of the Year will be announced, an award that IVC has been nominated for.
    2. Brian Harrison
      RK was very pleased to report that BH will receive an award from the local authority recognising his over thirty years’ service as a governor.On behalf of the LGB the Chairman thanked Mr Harrison for his work on the governing body over many years and commented that this award was very much deserved.BH thanked everyone for their good wishes and confirmed that his last meeting will be on 3 October 2017.
    3. Parent Governor Elections
      RK reported that nominations from 5 candidates had been received and that, following a representation to the Trust Board, some existing parent governors had agreed to be re-designated as Trustee appointed governors.This has increased the number of parent governor vacancies.The Clerk confirmed that the election was now taking place.

The meeting closed at 8.05 pm.