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Procedures regarding the publication of IB results:


  1. Before the examination session begins, the IB Coordinator has a meeting with all IB students to distribute and discuss the examination procedures and protocols. At this time students are asked to reference the General Regulations for the Diploma (GRDP) issued by the IB and distributed by the College in hard copy during the first year. The link to the GRDP is also on the College website.

  2. Students are issued with their personal IB pin number. The College is informed by IB of a time for the release of the results and we then inform students. Students access these online.

  3. Having accessed their results, students can come into school to discuss them or have a telephone conversation or email correspondence to discuss them.

  4. For any student who does not make contact voluntarily, the Director, IB Co-ordinator, Progression Co-ordinator or Head of International Education make every attempt to contact them, should there be a need.

  5. Students who need to be contacted are identified on the basis of their results meeting predictions and/or university offers.

  6. Students whose results are below their predictions and/or university offers are offered the opportunity to have their externally assessed papers re-marked (The IB official term for the procedure is enquiry upon results). This is usually done in discussion with the Director or IB Coordinator, when it becomes clear that the student’s original marks are close enough to a border line to make the risk of a down-grade worth taking.

  7. The IB coordinator then places the request for an enquiry upon results with IB, having secured the student’s permission.

  8. Students and universities are informed as soon as possible of any pending re-mark requests and informed of any subsequent changes to the grades.

  9. Should a student wish to re-take any exam in the November or following May exam sessions they are registered with IB in accordance with IB regulations.

  10. A letter goes to all students in July reminding them of the procedures should they still wish to make contact.

  11. One or more members of the team is available for students to contact until the end of July. The Sixth Form re-opens in mid-August for the receipt and distribution of the AS/A2 results and for the management of further university matters for the IB students, for example final confirmation of place.