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Impington Village College

Membership / Prices



Pricing options can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

Corporate membership 

Impington Sports Centre offers a wide range of facilities and activities to help everyone lead a healthy lifestyle. Our state-of the-art fitness equipment is designed to encourage local companies to have an active workforce. Talk to our Fitness Manager to discuss your requirements and receive corporate discounts for all your employees.

Exercise, Relax, Socialise

Did you know?

  • Employees involved in corporate fitness programmes take five sick days less per annum than colleagues not on a programme.
  • Exercise boosts your immune system, helps prevent colds and flu, fights stress hormones and releases dopamine, which in turn produces “feel good” hormones. 12.8 million working days are lost each year due to stress.
  • Employees who exercise, work with greater efficiency during the day, which increases productivity.

How can your company benefit?

By improving the exercise opportunities available to your company, you will see:

  • A healthier, happier workforce
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Improved productivity, morale and fitness
  • Reduced absenteeism

Why choose Impington Sports Centre?

For corporate members of Impington Sports Centre we will offer a varied package of membership options to suit your individual requirements.

The Studio’s state-of-the-art facilities include a 50 station interactive studio, fitness specific changing rooms, a thermal spa with steam room and sauna, and a café. These facilities are complemented by our 25 metre swimming pool.

Getting Started

Come in for a tour of the facilities and a coffee in the café with our Fitness Manager. He will explain how you and your staff can get started with corporate discounts, personal training programmes and discounted flexible memberships.

Call the Fitness Manager on 01223 200404 to make an appointment and register your company with us.

Terms and Conditions 

A.  Health & Fitness Considerations

1.   The applicant will be responsible for monitoring his/her physical condition throughout the use of the facilities. Should any unusual symptoms occur the applicant must immediately:

a)   Refrain from any fur ther par ticipation until otherwise instructed by a doctor b)   Inform a member of staff of the symptoms experienced.

2.   The Applicant declares that the information given by him/her in answer to the Fitness Studio questionnaire is complete and accurate and that he/she knows of no reason whatsoever unless otherwise declared in answer to the Fitness Studio questionnaire why he/she should not take part in any exercise.

3.   If deemed necessary by the Impington Sports Centre fitness instructor, the applicant shall obtain at his/her own expense written confirmation from his/her own General Practitioner (GP) that he/she is in good health and capable of taking par t in the exercise programme.

4.   The applicant will notify Impington Sports Centre immediately if any change occurs in his/her physical condition which renders the replies to the Fitness Studio health questionnaire incorrect in any respect.

5.   The applicant uses the facilities entirely at his/her own risk.

B.  General Membership Conditions

1.   All applicants must be in possession of a membership card to use the facilities at Impington Sports Centre.

2.   If an applicant does not bring their membership card to the Centre, Impington Sports Centre has the right to refuse entry.

3.   The membership scheme terms and conditions may be changed from time to time and may vary during special events or functions. Changes will be posted in reception.

4.   In the event of a membership card becoming lost, stolen or unusable due to damage a replacement card must be purchased from reception. The applicant will not be able to use the facilities until the card is replaced. All cards will remain the property of Impington Sports Centre.

5.   A membership card is not transferable. The applicant must not allow anyone else to use his/her card. Cards being used by anyone other than the authorised member will result in that members membership being cancelled and the member being excluded from using the facilities and any events held at the centre.

No refund fee will be made in relation to the membership.

6.   The Sports Centre Management reser ves the right to reject any application or withdraw without refund any membership in the event of failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions of membership or the Sports Centre rules.

7.   The Sports Centre Management, reser ves the right to change the terms and conditions of membership and admission to the Sports Centre. The right is also reserved to withdraw various types of membership, change opening hours and change activity timetables (Swimming, Fitness Class Programme, Facility availability times). Any changes will be posted at reception. Impington Sports Centre will make no refunds when this occurs.

8.   Prices will be reviewed at least once annually. Information will be posted in reception and on our website regarding any price changes.

9.    A member with outstanding account arrears must pay them in full before they can be reinstated into the ISC membership scheme. Use of the facilities will not be allowed until the balance is settled in full.

10. On receiving a membership card a photograph will be taken by the front of house team to validate your card.

11. Regulations for individual facilities must be strictly adhered to at all times.

12. Refunds for annual members who wish to cancel their membership are not available unless in the event of prolonged illness, where an individual is incapacitated for a cer tified period of at least 28 days. The membership will be extended for the period of incapacitation. A DOCTOR'S LETTER OF PROOF OF PROLONGED ILLNESS OR INCAPACITATION WILL BE REQUIRED BEFORE ANY EXTENSION IS CONSIDERED.

13. No extension to membership or refunds will be provided in the event of building closure or incidents which render the facility closed.

14. For security reasons, and for the benefit of other users, all lockers must be vacated by the end of each visit. All lockers will be checked and emptied at the end of ever y day and any contents disposed of for security reasons. This policy is adopted for users safety and security and is of prime impor tance in the Centre’s operation.

15. Impington Sports Centre reser ves the right to close on all Bank Holidays.

16. Members must agree to all of Impington Sports Centre’s rules, terms and conditions.

17. Members must provide correct joining information and may be asked to provide photographic proof of I.D., age and address. If false information is provided then the membership will be cancelled with immediate affect.

C.   Direct  Debits

1.   Monthly Direct Debits are for a minimum of 1 month star ting from the first actual Direct Debit payment from your bank. This does not include your interim payment.

2.   To set up a Direct Debit the member must provide photographic  I.D. to confirm their identity and also a bank statement or bank card of the account that will be used.

3.   Customers must provide full bank details including the address of the bank or building society of a valid account which accepts Direct Debit payments.

4.   If the account used to pay the Direct Debit is not that of the account of the member – the account holder must be present at reception when the Direct Debit is set up. Any changes to the membership type will need to be made at reception with the account holder present.

5.   Concessionar y Monthly Direct Debit payers are required to show proof of eligibility on initially claiming the concession and thereafter ever y 6 months to continue receiving it. Members must inform Impington Sports Centre of any change in circumstances affecting his / her eligibility for the membership type he or she holds. Failure to do so will result in membership being revoked.

6.   The monthly Direct Debit membership can only be paid by Direct Debit and NOT by Cash, cheque or Card Payment.

7.   Failure to pay an agreed Direct Debit monthly payment will result in the membership lapsing. In this case, he/she will not be allowed to use the applicable facility. This will also apply to Casual members who accrue arrears from unpaid sessions (Fitness Studio, Swimming Pool,Thermal Spa and Dry Side Activity facilities).

8.   If a Direct Debit payment fails on two consecutive representations to your bank account the option of Direct Debit payment will be withdrawn to that member.

Where, in the opinion of the Centre Management the Direct Debit ser vice is being misused by a member, the option to pay by Direct Debit will be withdrawn to that member. Impington Sports Centre has the right to refuse any Direct Debit payment request accordingly.

9.   Monthly Direct Debit members who wish to cancel their Direct Debit membership must give notice of one calendar month or more and either email a request of cancellation to or complete a cancellation form at reception. When completing a cancellation form you will be provided with a copy of your form. In the event of a dispute regarding cancellation, we request that you present this form as proof of cancellation.

We do not accept any verbal cancellations to staff members.

10. If a member does not follow the cancellation procedure in point 3 and cancels the Direct Debit payment at their bank the member will be liable to any outstanding membership fees.

11. When your cancellation has been confirmed by an Impington Sports Centre member of staff your Direct Debit must be cancelled at your bank after your last payment has been made.

D.  Fitness Studio Usage

1.   As part of your joining fee - Impington Sports Centre provides an induction session explaining how to use each item of fitness studio equipment safely and properly. It is recommended that all new Members under take an induction either in club or online upon joining. Members may elect not to par ticipate in an induction. By joining you agree not to use equipment until you are satisfied that you are competent to do so. Whether or not any Member has under taken an induction, if a Member is uncer tain how to use a piece of equipment in a safe and proper manner, they should ask a member of staff on duty for proper instruction of how to do so. You will be fully aware of and understand the potential risks associated with physical exercise and are voluntarily par taking in these activities with a knowledge thereof.

2.   Appropriate clean clothing and footwear must be worn in the Fitness Studio.

3.   Where fitness classes or Fitness Studio sessions have been booked by casual members, cancellations MUST be made giving 24 hours notice otherwise payment will be liable in FULL.

4.   The Fitness Studio capacity is 50 people.  No further admissions will be taken when this limit is reached.

5.   The loading of additional weights onto the resistance machines is prohibited.

6.   Free weights are to remain in the matted/designated area at all times and be returned to the racks after use.

7.   No open cups or food to be taken into the Fitness Studio

E.    Thermal Spa

1.   All users of the Thermal Spa must be a member of Impington Sports Centre.

2.   Swimming costumes must be worn at all times in the Thermal Spa.

3.   Casual / Direct Debit / Annual members who wish to use the Thermal Spa must use their swipe card to enter the Thermal Spa area. No individual will be allowed to use the Thermal Spa without a swipe card.

4.   For hygiene reasons members are required to use a towel to sit on when using the Sauna.

F.    Sports Centre Rules

1.   Members must adhere to the Impington Sports Centre rules and follow advice/direction provided by the staff.

2.   Admission is always subject to the relevant facility operating at a safe capacity.

3.   Members are required to wear the appropriate attire at all times. Members perspiring excessively are advised to take the appropriate steps to prevent it affecting other members’ use.

4.   Members are required to behave in a considerate manner towards other users and staff. Verbal or  physically abusive behaviour will not be tolerated along with the failure to follow staff instruction. Behaviour of this kind will lead to a suspension or ban from using the facilities. No refund fee will be made on prepaid memberships in this instance.

5.   No spectating is allowed in the Fitness Studio and Thermal Spa.

6.   Members are required to pay for all activities outside their membership option and must have a valid ticket to par ticipate in the activity.

7.   Impington Sports Centre and its surrounding area is a no smoking facility.

G.  General

1.   Impington Sports Centre shall not be liable to any loss, damage or theft of any personal property belonging to the applicant occurring on the premises. Members should not leave expensive items in the lockers. Impington Sports Centre will not be responsible for any accident or injury suffered on site.

Data Protection Statement

Your personal data is kept secure in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 in connection with the purpose of monitoring, assessing, delivering and meeting your needs and expectations safely, morally, equitably and legally in accordance with the constitution and policies. We will not disclose any of your details to any other party.