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Impington Village College

General Interest Courses


Monday 22 January for 7 weeks

7.00pm – 9.00pm

£69 / £48

Brief Description:

This course will introduce beginner writers to the key elements that underpin successful storytelling. It will be a fun class that will equip learners with strategies to develop their craft and will incorporate at least one practical writing ‘sprint’ per session – sharing work is entirely optional.

The course will kick off by looking at sources of inspiration, different forms of fiction, online resources, and goal setting. Over the following sessions learners will study the six key elements of writing fiction: plot, point of view, character, dialogue, setting and description, themes and editing. We will look to famous authors and excerpts of their work to demonstrate how these aspects come to life on the page.

This course aims to provide students with a writer’s toolkit that will instill in them the confidence to pursue their own creative writing. The sessions will aim to strike a balance between: learning about the craft of writing, understanding the key components of storytelling, and fun practical writing sprints.

At the end of the course students should be able to plan their fiction, be it a short story, novella or novel, and be poised to put pen to paper based on their learning, and the writing exercises over the seven weeks.

Course Aims:

  • Examine different aspects of storytelling
  • Understand the six key elements of writing fiction: plot, point of view, character, dialogue, setting and description, themes and editing.
  • Be able to plan own fiction – story story, novella or novel
  • Gain the confidence to pursue own creative writing

Extra Costs:


What you need to bring to the first session:

A note pad and paper / your laptop

A ruler and highlighter pen can be helpful but are not essential

One idea that you would like to develop over the seven week course (this may well change but it’s helpful to have a starting point)


Impington Village College

Class Dates:

22, 29 January

5, 19, 26 February (No class on 12 Feb due to Half Term break.)

5, 12 March


Wednesday 21 February for 5 weeks

7.00pm – 9.00pm

£50 / £40

Learners are required to bring their own ingredients.

Brief Description:

This course will give you an introduction to Indian cookery.  Learners will make amazing Indian meals using locally sourced ingredients. You will learn all about commonly used spices and their significance in dishes, as well as how best to use and store them.   You will learn how combining spices and herbs can produce great tasting food using simple everyday ingredients.

You will acquire the skills and knowledge to make:

Week 1: Potato & Aubergine curry (or peas if anyone does not like aubergine) with saffron rice

Week 2: Parathas and saag alu curry

Week 3: Mixed vegetable pakoras and a dip

Week 4: Biryani and raita

Week 5: Naan bread and mutter paneer

There is flexibility in the weekly plan if learners are keen to cook a particular dish or have allergies.

Suitable for all levels, no cooking experience required.

Course Aims:

  • Learn about Indian cooking and commonly used spices.
  • Learn how to use spices and how to store them
  • Develop culinary skills and knowledge
  • Build confidence in the kitchen

Extra Costs:

Learners are required to bring their own ingredients. Most ingredients will be available from local supermarkets.  Tutor is also willing to bring in certain spices and charge Learners per teaspoon used.

What you need to bring to the first session:

An ingredients and equipment list will be sent when the course is confirmed.


Impington Village College

Class Dates:

21, 28 February

7, 14, 21 March


Thursday 25 January for 5 weeks

7pm – 9pm


Brief Description:

Has your "get up and go!" got up and gone? Do you find it hard to stay positive?

Weary, drained, or simply bored with your life?

Has life become an endless "To Do" list?  Or, at the other extreme, a

"Lost-my-mojo! - Nothing inspires me anymore!"?

You are nothing without your vital energy! - Reconnect, strengthen and protect your 'Life Force' with the aid of this wide-ranging and fun, holistic course!

Modern life gets ever more complex, demanding and stressful, especially if we have suffered any personal loss, trauma, illness, upheaval, or a setback to our hopes and dreams.

When we are miserable, tense, agitated or weary we become an easy prey to “comfort eating”, “comfort drinking”, drug-dependency (medicinal or recreational) or “couch potato” lifestyle, simply to ease our suffering.

Unfortunately, over a period of time, these short-term fixes can end up adding to our problems instead of reducing them!

In this course you will learn and practice simple holistic techniques that empower you to “bounce back” from the effects of a hectic, stressful day, an encounter with a 'difficult person', or a personal loss, setback or failure. We will be practising tried and tested techniques to relieve uncomfortable feelings and move us towards a more confident, harmonious, integrated and joyful state of being.

We will be drawing on a wide range of vitality tools and tips – from Eastern and Western traditions, ancient and modern.

More about Vitality:

More about your Tutor:

Course Aims:

Week 1: Step Back to Lighten Up – Ancient Solutions to Modern Problems!

Week 2: Raise Your Level of Vibration to Solve your Problems!

Week 2: Shift Stuck Moods or  Low-Energy – Techniques from Seafarers!

Week 3: Happiness is NOT a Destination! – Tools for the Happy Traveller!

Week 4: Rock'n Roll? – The Mastery of Ebb and Flow!

Week 5: Enter 'The Zone' – Top Tips from Athletes & Neuroscientists!

Extra Costs:


What you need to bring to the first session:

An open mind + willingness to explore new experiences. There is no requirement  to share anything personal but everyone is required to sign a confidentiality agreement so that any personal sharing is safeguarded.

Unsuitable for learners with limited mobility – contact tutor for an alternative.

The course includes some internet-based training so access to the internet and an email address will be needed between classes.

Notebook and pen. Mat or similar to lie on in the relaxation session.


Impington Village College, New Road, Impington CB24 9LX

Class Dates:

25 January

1, 8, 22 February (No class on 15 Feb due to Half Term break.)

1 March