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Impington Village College

PSFA Newsletter March 2017

Your PSFA have been busy again this year, raising money and resources to provide our kids with fantastic enhanced learning opportunities.

Grants to IVC

Since September, we have granted over £7,000 to help fund exciting projects at IVC.  These include:

  • We have supported Visual Arts students and those less able to pay to go on field trips to develop their appreciation and execution of artistic techniques.
  • Our fast-growing Media and Film department have been victims of their own success, and we have helped them purchase vital technical equipment, so the students can get a full ‘hands-on’ learning experience.
  • We purchased materials to support an innovative Maths teaching programme, using physical aids to assist learning, for all year groups.
  • We supported a pilot for our SEND teachers to introduce C pen readers, which help students with dyslexia and similar learning needs to better understand exam papers
  • We granted the PE department funds to purchase 2 new indoor table tennis tables and some kurling stones, both of which are being used to support learning for students of all abilities.
  • We supplied new library book for Ethics, Philosophy & Society, so students may utilise wider reference sources.

Increasingly, the PSFA has been receiving funding applications from teachers to cover ‘core’ materials, such as text books.  IVC is facing a serious underfunding issue, and whilst we would prefer to support enhanced learning, we felt that we could not turn our backs on teachers asking for our help to deliver the most basic learning equipment into the hands of our children.  So this year we have donated almost £3,000 to purchase new Science and French GCSE text books, which were needed due to curriculum change.

We Need Your Help

We need more people to help us run bars, sell uniform and help out at events.  This is the lifeblood of our funding, and all those sales of drinks and packets of crisps really add up, and help us do the amazing work that we do.  You can then attend a meeting and help decide how to spend the profits of our hard work - and see the positive effect it has on our children.  You only need give up two or three evenings a term to contribute.

We also need more committee members, as several of our colleagues will be leaving this year.  The role of the committee members is to attend meetings (about 6 a year), decide upon grants given, and help plan fundraising activities.

Please get in touch by emailing Claire and Sue on

Ignite update

Ignite is a programme run by Lisa Bowley, from the PSFA.  Ignite harnesses the power of parent and community volunteers to bring in resources to IVC.  This year, we have:

  • Provided a volunteer expert on the holocaust to support the History department in delivering 4 x assemblies to the whole school during Holocaust week.
  • Procured 50 x nearly new desks from a corporate partner which are being used in the 6th Form.
  • Offered a bank of volunteers to accompany school trips, thus saving the school from paying out for supply teachers.
  • A regular Ignite volunteer helping PE with fixtures.
  • Pioneered a new teacher/ parent communication platform
  • Provided a volunteer expert in archaeology to come and give a talk during Science Week.

And we are:

  • Helping to develop a GCSE Biology resource with a corporate partner, which will be ready February 2018
  • Working on a grant application to Sport England, which we’re hoping will become an annual activity.

Can you help? We need the following volunteers to lend their expertise:

  • An architect/ surveyor to draw plans and estimate for a new toilet block
  • A landscape designer to draw plans for a new outdoor project
  • Horticulturists, gardeners and people willing to donate plants
  • A graphic designer to occasionally work with the school on branding and corporate communication projects
  • Someone to promote the 200 club.
  • Someone to put in a funding bid for Tesco Bags of Help
  • People to work towards grant funding for different projects within school.
  • A DJ to perform at a school event in October

Please get in touch by emailing Lisa on