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  • Oliver!

    Published 17/02/17

    Get ready my Lords, Ladies and's the big event of the year. Those tickets go fast, so don't dally!

    Tickets at:

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  • The Morris Education Trust

    Published 04/11/16

    On 31 October 2016 we became formally constituted as a Multi-Academy Trust.  This means that Impington Village College is no longer a single standalone academy, but is now part of a Trust which may grow to include several schools.  The Morris Education Trust reflects the character, ethos and values that are at the core of Impington Village College.

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  • PSFA ignite Programme

    Published 02/11/16

    Do you want to enhance the learning experience of your child at IVC?
    We are inviting you as parents to get involved with an exciting new programme that may impact your children. Find out more here.

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  • GCSE Results

    Published 29/09/16

    5A* - C Including English and Maths: 81%

    A*/A Grades – 34%

    Impington Village College is celebrating its best-ever GCSE results by a significant margin (9%), securing over 80% for the first time. In total, 81% of students achieved 5 A*- C grades including Maths and English, and 34% of all grades achieved were A and A*. There were a number of notable successes with one in five students achieving 10 or more A/A* grades and two students securing 13 A* grades. These excellent outcomes represent the culmination of two years’ hard work by staff and students alike.

    Principal Ryan Kelsall said, “ These GCSE results are truly outstanding and eclipse any previous achievements at Impington Village College. These fantastic outcomes reflect not only the talent, ability and, above all, efforts of our students and staff but are also the result of a number of years of dedication, hard work and commitment.”

    The results come at the end of a very successful academic year for the College which saw it achieve a very strong Ofsted in March, superb IB results in July and strong A Levels last week. Robert Campbell, Executive Principal, said “We are in the process of becoming a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) and these outcomes confirm our very strong position and the opportunity we will have to develop new provision and work in collaboration and partnership with other schools in Cambridgeshire.”

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  • The Cavendish School Update

    Published 28/09/16

    Today, after months of hard work, we formally submitted our free school application to the Government Department for Education (DfE).  Comprising over 140 pages, the bid is detailed and authoritative.  We are very hopeful that it will be successful.

    The Cavendish School will be a special school dedicated to young people with autism spectrum condition (ASC). The school will serve families across Cambridgeshire, offering places for children with an Educational Health and Care Plan (EHCP) in Years 5 to 13.

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  • The Cavendish School update

    Published 22/07/16

    Impington Village College is submitting an application to establish a special free school dedicated to young people with autism spectrum condition (ASC). The Cavendish School will provide a highly specialised environment for up to 70 young people age 9 to 19 (Year 5 – 13) with ASC.

    We are inviting input from young people with ASC, prospective parents, professionals working in the sector, local businesses who may be able to support work placements, and to the wider community. If you have something to contribute please get in touch. You can also join our mailing list to receive newsletter updates about the development of the school by visiting

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  • Impart Newsletter July 2016

    Published 21/07/16

    This has been another memorable year in the life of IVC. I have the absolute pleasure and privilege of doing the job I do and therefore know how much takes place across our College. I hope we have done justice to this through our newsletters, magazines and online communications. We do like you to know what’s going on as much as possible!

    The most recent events are included here and Etc, IVC’s magazine, is published this week too. Together, they depict a College achieving so much.

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  • Impington International Sixth Form celebrate outstanding set of IB results

    Published 06/07/16

    Students at Impington International Sixth Form are celebrating another excellent year of achievement with the publication of the International Baccalaureate results.  This year an impressive 95% of the cohort achieved the full diploma (compared to the International pass rate of 78%). 

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  • Place Planning & Organisation Service - Growth Leaflet

    Published 22/06/16

    The Place Planning & Organisation Service has compiled a leaflet which explains the level of growth expected in Cambridgeshire over the next 15 years and what this means for providing new early years, school and post-16 places for the growing population of the County.

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  • A consultation on forming a new Multi-Academy Trust (MAT)

    Published 14/06/16

    The Rationale

    The Trust will be a new multi academy trust that is evolving from the current ‘standalone’ Academy Trust at Impington Village College to develop a local family of schools within Cambridgeshire. The new Trust will initially be formed by Impington Village College. Ten current Governors will become the ‘founder members’ of the new Multi-Academy Trust.  It is proposed will develop in three ways:

    • Apply to establish and open a Free School.
    • Invite partners who share the ethos of the Trust and who recognise the benefits of formal collaboration
    • Sponsor schools that require sponsorship (and the Trust is submitting an application for this to the Department for Education)

    The Trust has just announced it is applying to open a Special Free School for students with autism spectrum condition (‘The Cavendish School’) and this is prospectively the first development in the formation of the MAT. In time, the Trust will grow further. Legally forming the MAT is the first and most important step.

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  • The Cavendish School

    Published 10/06/16

    Impington Village College is submitting an application to establish a special free school dedicated to young people with autism spectrum condition (ASC). The Cavendish School will provide a highly specialised environment for up to 70 young people age 9 to 19 (Year 5 – 13) with ASC. The school will aspire to remove limitations, celebrating neurodiversity by supporting and guiding students as individuals.

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