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Rebecca's Paralympic medal quest gets boost.

A TEENAGE swimmer has received a big boost in her efforts to become a Paralympic gold medallist. 

Rebecca Lawes was awarded a grant from the disability charity Papworth Trust to help her train for the Rio Games in 2016. The 18-years old Impington Village College sixth former was born with cerebral palsy and has moderate learning difficulties. She has refused to let this hold her back, and won four golds when she swam in her first National Disability Championships in Sheffield this year. She said:” I am determined to perfect my strokes, improve my strength and stamina, and improve my times.” Papworth Trust offers grants of up to 400 pounds to help young athletes compete in the London Games or in Rio. David Martin, Trust Director said: "Rebecca showed the ambition and drive to succeed on world level. Papworth Trust is proud to help her to achieve her goals."