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Provision within the Arts at IVC is nationally renowned. Our performances - staged both on site and further afield - have frequently been described as 'professional standard' by theatre industry personnel as well as practitioners within education.

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Upcoming Events

SOUND OFF - Thursday 5th March
SOUND OFF - Thursday 5th March

'SOUND OFF' a fantastic opportunity for all musicians, singers and house bands!!  Have you ever wanted to perform in front of a live audience? Well Sound Off is your chance!  On Thursday 5th March, people will be coming to watch YOU! Whether you're a solo artist or in a group, do it for your house! The judging panel will consist of vocal coach, Jo Russ alongside 3 other sixth form students who will decide which HOUSE wins, don't miss out!!  This is your time to shine! This is your time to earn your house points and money for charity! This is your time to BRING THE HOUSE DOWN!  So make sure you sign up before Thursday 26th February in the music building - Sound Off have a notice board that will provide all information.  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any further questions or enquiries.

Weds 25 March AS Drama monologue evening (tbc with examiner)

Weds 25 March AS Drama monologue evening (tbc with examiner)


Recent Events


In December, The Performance School staged a production of the iconic musical Cabaret. With a wonderful cast of performers from both the Sixth Form and the Main School, the show dealt with the rise of Nazi Germany in the 1930’s helping us to reflect on our past as we celebrate our 75th anniversary as a school. 

Directed by our Drama Artist in residence Corey Pulman, with choreography from Orris Gordon, the show was performed in the very same hall designed by architect Walter Gropius, a man who escaped Nazi Germany in 1934. The sold out show took place over 3 nights to extremely positive reviews.  


Promenade Theatre

In February friends and family were invited to witness Impington’s first Promenade performance. The piece was performed by Year 13 as part of their A2 Drama exam and took the audience on a chilling journey through unusual spaces (such as the boys toilets, down corridors and backstage).

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‘Live and Amp'd’

In February over 100 students from years 7-13 took part in vocal talent show ‘Live and Amped’ with a celebrity guest appearance from Katie Brand.