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Impington International 6th Form - IDEAL

The Ideal course is a purpose built facility at Impington Village College. It caters for students who have a statement of special educational need and provides a stimulating, challenging and nurturing environment.
sdc10887 I ndependence
D ecision Making
E nterprise
A ccess to Employment
L eisure and Learning

Courses we offer:
- PSD Life Skills (Entry Level)
- BTEC Sport & Active Leisure (Entry Level 3)
- English (Entry Level)
- Maths (Entry Level)
- BTEC Performing Arts (Entry Level 3/Level 1)

- Media Studies (Entry Level)
- ICT (Entry Level/Level 1)
- Religious Studies (Entry Level)
- CACHE Childcare (Entry Level/Level 1)

Students can also choose to gain experience in a Hair & Beauty setting or a Catering environment.

Students have opportunities to diversify according to interest and follow manistream courses e.g. GCSE Art, BTEC Money & Finance alongside the IDEAL courses.
dsc 0298          sdc11090 In year 13 all students have the opportunity to participate in one or more placements weekly throughout the year. They all find this beneficial in furthering their independence skills. Previous employers have included Tesco, National Trust, Camtrust and Cambridge Day Nursery.

We also have links with Cambridge Regional College, Anglesey Abbey, VoiceAbility and local employers.

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For more information, and application details please contact Julie Williams This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .