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IDEAL Science!
IDEAL Science!

On Thursday 19th March, the Year 12 IDEAL Students travelled by bus to the Department of Engineering at Cambridge University as part of the Science Festival.They had two activities to do, the first was to build a structure. They learnt that the strongest way to build the structure was to roll the paper and use triangles in the design.The second activity was to make a rocket out of paper, they had to add fins and a cone to help the rocket fly. They tested their rockets by firing them into the sky - they went really high! 

Lunchtime Clubs

Some of us have been enjoying joining in lunchtime clubs like Choir and Yu Gi Oh.

Departmental Ethos

IDEAL is a two-year course for post-16 students who have a full Education, Health and Social Care Plan (EHCP).
It provides a full time, five day specialist provision delivered in a small supportive community, housed in a purpose built facility, within a mainstream school and a lively inclusive sixth form.




ecision Making




ccess to Employment


eisure and Learning

IDEAL is a stimulating, challenging and nurturing environment where young people have a voice, develop and make progress in skills for life and are supported in finding suitable courses in further education or employment.
The IDEAL students have access to facilities including a thriving garden area, well equipped kitchen and state of the art computers and SMART boards.


Year 12

In Year 12 students have the opportunity to make new friends and begin to develop through the following qualifications:

ASDAN PSD Life Skills (Entry Level)
Entry Level English
Entry Level Religious Studies

Year 13

In Year 13 students continue to develop their skills with an emphasis on becoming more independent and accessing the world of work.

BTEC Home Cooking Skills              (Level 1)
BTEC Performing Arts                     (Level 1)
BTEC Sport and Active Leisure         (Entry Level)
BTEC Work Skills                           (Level 1)
BTEC Art and Design                      (Entry Level)

Work Experience

In Year 13s all students participate in work experience as part of their Work Skills qualification. They investigate various jobs by visiting different work places. Students complete their own personal profile and choose the kind of work they would like to do.
Placements in the past have included Oxfam, Blue Cross, Primary Schools, Nurseries and National Trust.

In addition to formal qualifications students enjoy a variety of other courses: art, office skills, creative writing and illustration, music, dance, horticulture, literacy and numeracy, science, swimming/hydro swim, physical education and fitness, hair and beauty.

Students also benefit from careers and course guidance.


Travel Training

All students have the opportunity to participate in a travel training programme throughout the year. They visit places of interest using public transport with an emphasis on independence as well as refreshing road safety awareness and stranger danger.

Anglesey Abbey

IDEAL has enjoyed a long relationship with the National Trust and all students have the opportunity to make a great contribution to the on-site nursery providing plants for the house and garden. This intervention develops practical gardening skills with a range of activities such as potting up plants, planting seeds, working in the greenhouses and building bird boxes.

Cambridge Regional College

All students enjoy attending a link course in multi skills. An additional advantage of this is that they become familiar with the much larger environment of Cambridge Regional College and enjoy being independent in their social time.