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A Level courses

AS/A2 Courses
If you follow the AS/A2 pathway you will most likely choose four subjects for Year 12.

After the end of the year, you can choose three of the subjects to take through to full A level.  There is also the possibility of taking a further AS in Year 13, which would mean that you had studied five subjects by the end of the two years.  At Impington, you can also combine AS/A2 subjects with International Baccalaureate single subject certificates (single IB subjects usually at higher level), for example AS/A2 media studies and sociology with IB biology and IB mathematics.

Entry level requirements
To gain entry to the AS/A2 courses you will need to pass five subjects at GCSE or equivalent at grade C or higher.  This will need to include Mathematics and English.  Ideally, you should obtain a B grade equivalent in the subjects that you wish to take at AS Level.  

AS/A2 Courses

Art and Design – Photography
English Literature
English Literature + Language
Media Studies
Music Technology
Religious Studies

BTEC courses:

BTEC Sports

BTEC Performing Arts