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Our Community

The Village College ethos is something that we are very proud of at Impington.  The College was established in 1939 following the vision of Henry Morris.  In Morris’ words the College was intended to be a ‘community centre of the neighbourhood… the place where life is lived’.  Today we strive to uphold these values by opening our doors to a range of community groups, local residents and organisations.

We offer a diverse range of Adult Learning courses delivered by experienced tutors.  You can browse the brochure to see the programme of daytime, evening and weekend classes.  The College is also home to a number of local clubs and groups who use the facilities, and the community noticeboard provides a space to share and network.

The Parents, Staff and Friends Association (PSFA) is an important group who work with the College to raise money and provide support.  The Association also runs uniform sales and is responsible for the very successful Custard Comedy club.

In September 2014 we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the College.  Our main building, which is Grade 1 Listed, has great architectural significance because it is the only public building in the UK designed by the founder of the Bauhaus movement Walter Gropius.  To celebrate our 75th Anniversary we are planning some repair and restoration work to the Gropius building as well as a whole year of events and activities.  The Impington75 project is a chance for us to connect with the people and organisations that have been part of our community over the years.  We hope to reach out to former students through the Alumni and connect with local organisations and people.  Please get in touch to be part of the celebration.